Exhibition room
We have three exhibition rooms.
exhibition image
Museum shop
We have publications including exhibition catalogues and museum goods such as postcards.
shop image
Narashige KOIDE Atelier
Rebuild atelier of Narashige KOIDE, the oil painter living in Ashiya in the second half of 1920s. The original was built in present Kawanishi-cho area by the architect, Shinichi SASAGAWA. Furnitures and so on which KOIDE really used and often painted in his works are displayed.
Narashige KOIDE Atelier image
Café de Repos
Café build on beautiful grass garden. After visiting museum and at the time of walking, please feel free to take a rest. KOIDE’s atelier is reconstructed at 1991 next to café.
cafe image
  • Lecture room ・ Workshop room

    We hold various seminars related to the exhibitions, symposiums in lecture room and.
    diverse workshops throughout the year.

  • Lecture room

    Lecture room

    Lecture Room for conference, lecture, symposium etc.

    Room Charge:
    10:00-12:00 2,850yen
    13:00-16:30 4,370yen
    10:00-16:30 7,230yen
  • Workshop room

    Workshop room

    Workshop Room for workshop etc.

    Room Charge:
    10:00-12:00 4,170yen
    13:00-16:30 6,820yen
    10:00-16:30 11,000yen